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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

And we're off....kinda

It seems time to check in, after sending the huge e-mail announcing the launch of the blog, the potential sale of the house and everything else we've talked about in the last post. As of Monday June 13th, we've become officially homeless. Our house closed on that day and we were out by 5:00 p.m. There were no tears, no dramatic moments, or second thoughts running through our heads. Just relief that Phase I of all of this was complete. The most difficult part of the move was dealing with all of our stuff. Even though we thought we had a hold on what we needed to pack, what was to be sold and all, we sadly discovered at the last minute that we are not endowed with powers of wizardry and could not make our 10x10 storage space expand to accommodate the growing piles of boxes, (end number being 112) the 4 bikes and the queen sized mattresses. Also selling the couches, dining table, 32" TV and washer and dryer proved to take longer than expected, but alas we've discarded most of what we wanted to sell and are down to 2 suitcases, a couple of backpacks and this laptop.

Note to Portland friends, we will be selling the Toyota, Honda & tandem bike in July! If interested send us an e-mail.

After saying goodbye to Andy's parents who have been visiting us this week (and being good sports about hanging out in a house with no furniture) we are off to Colorado to wish Loey's mom Stormie and grandma Viola a happy birthday. Stormie and Vi turned 60/90 last week and are celebrating with a bash in Glenwood Springs this weekend.