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Monday, July 11, 2005

We've Got a Ticket to Ride!

It seems that every few weeks we throw up a milestone in our way to prove that we are getting closer to doing this trip. When we sell the house, when we fill the storage unit, when we get the visas, when we buy the tickets, you get the drift--each step makes us feel like it's going to happen.

Well now we have our tickets-at least the big ones and here is the itineary for the trip. We leave August 16th on a non-stop flight from Portland to Tokyo, Japan. Once we get to Japan we will travel by train down the main island of Honsu and take a ferry over to Busan Korea. We will travel up the penninsula that is Korea until we reach Seoul. We have tickets to fly from Seoul to Shanghai, China on September 12th. We will hang out in China until November 1st when we fly from Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand. We are going to make Bangkok our home base while we take "smaller" trips to Malaysia, Cambodia, Bali, & Laos. We will spend the month of January in Vietnam, and fly from Bangkok to Mumbai On Feb 4th. We are giving ourselves 5 weeks in Northern India and fly from New Dehli to New Zealand on March 10. We will be in NZ, where we will meet up with both sets of parents and celebrate Dylan's birthday, until March 31st. We have tickets from Christchurch NZ to Sydney Australia on that date. After that, its probably back to India and then on to the Middle East before it gets so incredibly hot that only the camels dare venture outside!

We also wish to announce Only Planet's offspring, Travel Rat, the travel blog for the well travelled rat, or eight year old in this case. Dylan has discovered the joys of blogging and will be putting posts up on a fairly regular basis, (it will be part of her world school cirriculum) so if you are interested in seeing the trip through the eyes of an 8 year old rat lover, click on the travel rat link on our blog and you're there. By the way, we wont be sending personal e-mail updates while on the road. The best way to find out where we are and what's going on is to subscribe to our blog and/or Travel Rat, and you will get an immediate e-mail whenever we update.

Andy just called and he's sold his car. It's a 91 Toyota Tercel, very bare bones, it doesn't even have a cupholder. Another milestone passesd towards the trip.