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Monday, April 13, 2009

Wasabi in the White House

The Obama's are not the only family to be getting a puppy this spring. Back in March we surprised Dylan with the gift of a puppy for her 12th birthday. He was only a month old then, so we've been anxiously awaiting his arrival for the past month. He finally came home this past Friday and the weekend was filled with moments of joy everytime he pooped or peed outside, and exhaustion after getting up 4-5 times during the night. The puppy's full official name is Wasabi Dill Tippy Toes Wells, and he's one of the cutest, most intelligent puppies we've ever met. He's a Golden Retriever, which means he's always got something in his mouth.

You know how people get a dog to practice parenting for the day they get a baby? Well, we're going at it a bit backward and think having the kid first is making us better puppy parents. We now understand the idea behind developemental milestones, are all for Ferberizing (never did that with Dylan) and are experienced with distracting the pup with a rawhide in order to get back my shoe.

The only problem we have is whenever I say "good puppy", both Dylan and the dog turn around.