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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Three cheers to George Mason for knowing the quote came from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. George, we're on for a drink when we are back in town!

I realized in my previous post that I may have sounded less than thrilled to do our trip. Not true! It's sitting in a car for 17 hours that bums me out. The poor planning (having to get out of town and work on Arbor's Graduation on the same day) and lack of funds (I'd rather fly to Colorado) makes getting there a bit more work.

Going to Colorado is a summer highlight since we not only get to see my folks and brother Lake (and his girlfriend Claudia), but my other bro and his family are going to be there at the same time! It will be the first time since June 2005 that we will all be together and this time our new nephew Finnegan will be part of the hijinks as we make our way to Hunter's old stomping grounds.

Road Trip '09

Thelma and Louise did it. John Steinbeck did it. Jack Kerouac really did it, and even Einstein's brain did it, once. It being the road trip. An American past time more ingrained than watching tv and shopping at Walmart. Where would we be if Lewis and Clark didn't load up the wagons with guns and booze (forget the maps, that what the locals are for) and forge out west?

Which reminds me.... Today Andy, Dylan, Wasabi and I load up the Prius and hit the road. Due to a mixture of limited funds and even less planning, our vacation this summer will be driving 17 hours to Colorado, spending a few days visiting a bunch of Werkings and driving 17 hours back. Which, when I think about it, is the best way to do a road trip. While the humans are old pros at this (have been in the car since we were tots) we're a bit worried about our canine companion. He does sleep a lot; but he has to run every few hours or he gets all wiggy, has to pee even more and is not welcome every place we visit. But we are travelers and some of the zen of traveling comes not only from the challenges that you encounter, but some you bring along. And what better companion than a four month old Golden Retriever who believes he is an ambassador for all that is doggy.

Hopefully at the pace we'll be traveling I'll be able to post a few missives on the road; until then we'll just play it cool, crank up the ipod and stay under a hundred. A beer to whoever can name the source of this quote, " We were someplace around Barstow, at the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold."