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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Update

Yes, I know. It's been way more than a weekend since I've last posted. Not sure how I've gotten so distracted. The lost duck was a bit distressing, but if Harold hasn't found his way home by now, he's probably packed his bags and flown south. This weekend ushered our first crisp cool mornings and orange lights already hang around our door.

I do hope to post more frequently. I'm also going to be writing for a blog called, where I'll be able to talk about my favorite subject next to travel; food and everything involved with making wonderful food. Check it out in the next few days, I hope to get a post up soon.

This week I go under the knife (carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists) and the typping may be a bit slow. But the ideas are flying, so this might be the perfect time to teach Dylan some keyboard skills.