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Friday, September 09, 2011

What I did over my summer vacation

It's difficult to believe summer is over when the temperatures here in Portland hover in the mid-nineties, but with Dylan back at school and Halloween decorations up at Freds, the summer of 2011 has slipped from our tanned fingers.

Actually, I only made it to the beach twice this summer. The rest of the time I'm sad to report, was spent locked in my lonely garret while I finished my book. But, you may wonder, wasn't that finished in mid-July?

Well yes, a first draft was completed. Then I celebrated for moment before it was time to sit down and apply the edits that my friend Athena (who also completed her book) suggested. In early August I attended the Willamette Writers Conference and pitched my book to an agent who loved the idea and wanted to see the entire manuscript. Which was exciting and validating. I only had one problem, I pitched a different book than what I written. Instead of stories and essays, I pitched a collection consisting of just short stories. At least ten to be exact, maybe twelve.

So instead of hanging by the pool, pulling weeds in the garden or inviting friends over for frosty cocktails I spent hours rewriting four short essays into five long stories.

Not only was I writing new stories (one up until late last night) but I was editing and seriously rewriting the earlier stories, thanks to my erudite and patient friend Rhonda, who could seriously start another career as an editor.

Today I sent off the entire finished manuscript to the agent with a quick kiss and short prayer. I hesitate to say that the book is finished. There are two more stories I'd like to add, but I need a few weeks to complete them. I also need a break.

So while the sun shines, and the is weather warm, I'm going to see what I can do about expanding my summer just a wee bit longer. Maybe a road trip to the beach. And for my local friends, I'm now available for drinks!