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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So what's with the name?

Loey and I spent some of the day today trying to think of a good name for our blog and email address. After much go-round, she finally hit on "Only Planet" and figures it'll be the title of the book she'll write about our trip, with the subtitle "One Child, One Year, One Planet" (or something like that). So I, being the technology geek of the family, went to to see if I could set up the name for us (I've already checked with the US trademark office to make sure that we don't run afoul of any megacorporation). Since "onlyplanet" is already taken (by some guy who started his blog and then hasn't posted for 6 months--quit parking on the name, for pete's sake!), I set us up as . And now we've got a place to put all our meandering thoughts about the big journey that we're about to undertake......



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