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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chiang Mai Thailand: Supporting the locals

The artist was a bit of a prima donna if you ask me. Her work was juvenile at best--a small bouquet of flowers that a 3 year old could have painted--but given her curtseys and bows after painting, you’d think she was a regular Mary Cassat. Perhaps she was cheeky because she not only was a professional painter, but also a seasoned soccer player. Those with multiple talents really can grate on the nerves of us mere mortals. Suffice it to say, I didn’t buy one of the works we saw her paint. I was still feeling a bit miffed that she had fingered me for a banana after trying to give me her friend’s sweaty hat, and didn’t want to encourage her behavior. But I did spring for a frame, created from paper made with her dung no less. I knew if I left without buying something she created, my welcome upon returning wouldn’t last long because, as well all know, an elephant never forgets.

Dylan witha 6-week-old elephant at Mae Sa elephant camp near Chiang Mai


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