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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Paris France: The things we miss about home

I was talking to my friend Rhonda the other day, and was whining and whinging about what I missed. Instead of chastising me like she should have, she said "I was wondering what you missed about home." We both thought it might make a good blog entry, so Rhonda, here you go:

10-Taco Bell. Not that it’s that great, but there are no Taco Bells in the rest of the world, and sometimes a 7-layer burrito can really hit the spot.

9-Iced tea and eggs benedict at Milos. Ice in any drink is missed, but the wonderful iced tea at Milos City Café, which I would suck down by the gallons, is sorely missed, as are the eggs benedict, let alone the concept of a truly non-smoking environment. We’re thinking that given the amount of second hand smoke we’re exposed to, we’ll start Dylan on a pack of Marlboros a day when we return in order to reduce her withdrawl symptoms!

8-NPR. Even the music at the start of All Things Considered, and having an alternative to CNN. And we miss Jon Stewart and Bill Maher too.

7-Bed Bath & Beyond. This is weird--usually I hate this place--but the idea of driving up to a store, parking right in front and going in where it’s big and well-lit and there’s so much stuff for sale that is totally useless is truly a first world luxury.

6-The library. I usually check out piles and piles of books at the library, saving myself the cost of buying them, while reading things I wouldn’t usually read. But since it’s kind of hard to check out a book Tuesday when you’re out of the country on Friday, we’re limited to what we can find in the rare English-language bookstore.

5-Powells, Barnes & Noble and Borders: Huge bookstores with tons of books in ENGLISH!! Americans may or may not be reading a lot, but they buy a lot of books and the abundance of books and bookstore in our country is enough to make us swell with pride.

4-Seeing just-released movies. We’re huge movie goers, probably because the one thing we can’t do with Dylan is see certain movies, and so that is what we do on our "date nights." So we tend to read about and keep in our mind movies we want to see. But everywhere else in the world doesn’t get American movies as quickly as they come out in the US. For example, Capote opens in Paris next week, so seeing it in a timely manner is out of the question.

3-No Tina. Not having a babysitter, whether it be Tina, Sandy or a friend inviting Dylan over, is sorely missed because then we can’t go see Capote, have an uninterrupted conversation, make out or…..

2-Our own bed (actually our own home). It’s hard being in constantly different beds all the time and we miss having a home base to ground us. I think this has taken us by surprise, because ditching the bed, the home and all that was anchoring us was the most fun part of the start of the adventure.

And number 1!!!!- Our friends and family. You know who you are. We miss you and wish you were here with us. Okay, maybe not all at once, but you get the point. Looking forward to a joyful reunion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to you on your birthday from all the students in Ms. Smith's Library Classes at Maplewood Elementary. We love reading about your adventures!

March 16, 2006 2:31 PM  

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