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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Final Thank You from Only-Planet & Travel Rat

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. --Tim Cahill

Not only have we made new friends, we’ve also reconnected with old friends. Our too-few, too-infrequent, but much-cherished visits with friends were wonderful and they all deserve a hearty “thank you.”

In Japan:
ESI friends Nishio-san, Kozo-san and Kamo-san
Don & Pauline Hess at the World Friendship Center
Masatoshi Yonenaga & family

In Korea:
Kim Joong Young & family
Kim Kyoung-ja & family
Roh D-Young & family
Dr. Choi Keun Jin

In China:
Tom, Andrea & Roger Phillips
Don Eggert, Nancy Schmaus & family
Wendy & Andy in Lhasa

In Thailand:
Steve & Bua Cohen
Tom Jackson for his wonderful recommendations in Bangkok
Emma Greenaway (in Singapore too)

In Australia:
Peter, Lynn, Rebecca & Megan Williams
Norman, Charmaine & Sebastian Krueger
Graeme & Dianne Burch

In New Zealand:
Helen & Trevor and grandson David
Guy & Usi Mannering & kids
Jarg and Margaret Pettinga

In Vietnam:
Bay Bristol
Loi, Lein, Vu, Thanh and Bichney

In Germany:
Ute Spiess & family

In France:
Felix Leonard, Nicole Jourdan & Oliver

In Switzerland:
Kurt & Elsbeth Wigger
Aunt Hilda

In Norway:
Sidsel Knutsen
Norunn Svendsen & Victoria

In the USA:
Barbara & John Palmer
Marty & Heidi Wells & family
Frankie Werking
Grandma Bertha Werking
Grandma Vi Lake
Jess & Deb Gieck & family
Rhonda van Diest
Susi Wigger
Chris Johnson
Tori & Glenn Gilbert & family
Marianne & Loren Skogland and the crew at Milo’s for having the iced tea ready on our return
Kerry & Stephanie Vaughn-Matthews & family for receiving all of our mail
Tina Needham
Charity Adolf
Deborah Mandelsberg for her patient communications for Dylan’s schooling
Everyone who let us stay in their homes last summer (arigato, gracias)
Our friend who greeted us back with huge hugs

Around the world:
The loyal followers of the blog.
If you fed, housed or helped us and we neglected to thank you again, we thank you with heartfelt apologies.

And finally to our parents, Phyllis, Mike, Stormie and Scott, who housed us, fed us, and provided a patient ear when we called with our travel woes. We love you.


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