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Thursday, April 24, 2008


For some reason, rattling inside the depths of my brain, the date April 24th had some significance to me. No, it wasn’t my niece Sophia’s birthday—that was last week. I don’t think it was the anniversary of our first date, hmm… what could it be?

Today the mystery was solved! Tonight’s the first new episode of Lost since late February. Wahoo! Though I don’t carry too many fears while traveling, one of my deep-seated, almost Freudian worries is that I’ll be on an airplane that crashes on a deserted island and will survive. In fact one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen is Castaway, when Tom Hanks had to do his own dental surgery I pretty must lost it.

But Lost takes that fear and makes it “scary haunted house by Joseph Campbell and Ray Bradbury“ fun. While I wonder if I’m going to feel duped for spending so much time watching it, so far the story is compelling. Questions like: what will it mean that Desmond is Daniel’s constant, will the Oceanic Six go back to the Island, will Charlotte explain why there is a polar bear on the island, and what exactly is the Island, will hopefully be answered by the time the show is over. One place that might hold these answers is Television without Pity. My friend Luann turned me onto the site, warning me that its addictive properties is pure crack to anyone wanting to know more about their favorite TV show.

Speaking of TV, and islands; Kiwis have been featured in a couple of our recent favorites. On Top Chef, one of the competitors is from New Zealand. Dylan found his resemblance to a Hobbit uncanny, and has given him the nickname “Happy”—as opposed to Merry.

The other Kiwi sensation is the duo from Flight of the Conchords. Take Judd Aptow’s devotion to the under-thirty male and take away any snark and you have the adorable Brett and Jermaine. They’re either playing themselves, or two hapless immigrants trying to break into the music business. They are constantly stalked by Melanie, their one fan, and are directed by the least capable band manager in the world ( A guy named Murray whose day job is working some New Zealand tourism board or consulate. Murray must take roll every time they meet, no matter that it’s always just the three of them.) “Happy,” Jermaine & Brett all have to encounter people who think they’re Australians, which must be a running joke at American’s dismal grasp of geography.

This is not a Kiwi!


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