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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is there something we're supposed to do today?

Oh yeah--VOTE!!

The stories about long lines of people waiting to vote are promising because it means a lot more folks actually care about who runs this country. They are engaged and willing to wait hours to have their say. But it is a concern if the long lines mean that many cannot vote because they have to get to work, or have young children they must care for.

We voted two weeks ago. In Oregon all of our elections are done by mail-in ballot; there are no polling stations on election day. It's a simple paper ballot, and there are two envelopes for your ballot, one to verify the signature of the person voting and an outer envelope. We could fill out our ballots in the comfort of our home, and either drop it off to one of the many ballot boxes around town (many are in libraries) or mail it in. So, for my Oregonian friends, if you've spent the time to fill out your ballot, make sure you drop it off today! Doh!

I love this sign we saw while we were in Italy; during their election. Not only because we are Simpson fans, but because it's evidence that we live on one very small planet.


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