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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not a Flake, just Flexible

After deciding to cancel our trip plans to Japan, we hit every website we knew looking for flights out of town. While I was on three different weather sites to find a place that wasn't raining, Andy was searching through Kayak, Trip Advisor, ITA and a number of other sites to find us cheap tickets. We even considered flying to Brussels and taking a Ryan Air flight to Spain, to no avail.

So Thursday night we gave up that hope and decided to hop in the car and drive south, way south. Called my brother and made plans to meet him at Disneyland (we do amusement parks very well together) and let Dylan indulge in her latest obsession, sighting celebrities. Not that she gets to see any in Portland. Apparently there is a business in LA where the paparazzi lets you follow them as they look for that elusive (or not) shot of Charlie Sheen drinking tiger's blood. Just like an African photo safari--why didn't I think of that?!.

Dylan has been begging for us to let her bring a friend on any trip so we called her best friend's parents on Friday morning wondering if we could take her kid with us and being fellow followers of the Temple of the Last Minute, said yes!

Not sure how the rest of the week is going to pan out after Disney. Depends on the weather and our moods. Stupid weather in LA looks rainy today, but it looks worse in San Francisco where we hoped to end our week. Yes, we are trying to escape the rain, but maybe in LA it's a different rain--a chubby rain*

*Free beer to whoever get's that reference!

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