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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Toyko Japan: Safe arrival

Konichiwa! We arrived safely in Japan last night after a 10 hour plane flight. The flight was pretty nice, it was on a new plane with tiny individual tvs and so we didn`t have to fight with Dylan about what movies to watch. We arrived in Tokyo at 4:30pm Wednesday and bought JR tickets for the train into the city. We got to our hotel at 7:00 pretty fried. The room our hotel tried to give us was about the size of a bathroom in the US, really tiny. We upgraded to one with two beds, and I kept pointing to the hotel`s brochure and telling the clerk that I wanted to see one that looked like one in the picture, big, clean and nice. He said no, you want another and gave us a key to check out a different room. What we think happened is that there are no rooms left in the hotel that look like they do in the brochure and so to save face he tried pointing us in a different direction.

One of the things this hotel does not have, among many we`re afraid, is internet access. So right now we are at a Dell kiosk in a subway station that is incredibly hot, (weather outside is in the mid 80`s with 80% humidity) writing this blog entry. We have been up since 5:00 am our time and have spent the last 7 hours walking around the city and ducking into cafes to keep cool. I am also on a Japanese style computer and the keyboard is different enough that I`m having a bit of a problem typing correctly so it`s taking my jetlagged, tired brain even longer to write.

We hope to update in the next couple of days and add some pictures of today`s adventures. In the meantime know we are well and safe and seeking out air conditioning whenever we can.


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