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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where are they now??

Here’s your geo-quiz for the day. Yesterday we landed on the largest island in the world, it’s also a continent and a country. It was populated by a bunch of prisoners (some whose crime was no worse than stealing a dozen cucumber plants) that England didn’t want to deal with, but they were not the first people on the land. The native wildlife consists of mammals with pouches, the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world, and a warm-blooded animal who lays eggs. Guessed it? Fair dinkum mate, we’re down under in Sydney Australia!

After three and a half months in Asia, we’re ready to immerse ourselves in a more familiar culture and, more importantly, understand (hopefully) the locals’ speech and read the signs. We will be enjoying Oz’s temperate summer climate for a month, with the plans to stay on the east coast and visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and points in between. Around New Year’s we will fly over to New Zealand for a family reunion with both sets of our parents. At the end of January our hope is to travel back north to Asia and visit Vietnam and Cambodia, then take a previously booked flight from Bangkok to Mumbai (Bombay) India. Of course things may change, especially if borders start being sealed as a result of the bird flu, but that’s the plan for today.


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