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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

For Everything Else....

Aeropostale Sweatshirt & bookbag:$30
Claire's Headband & shoes:$10
School supplies, including class kleenex box:$100

Looking cool for her first day of Middle School: Priceless.

Yes, Dylan is a 6th grader now. They're called Seniors at Arbor and they get more privilages and more work, including a fair amount of summer homework, that was finished yesterday! I met one of my dearest friends in 6th grade. Her name is Susi and we're still friends to this day, standing up for each other at our weddings, calling sporadically--but able to pick up where we last chatted. She was a Wigger; I was a Werking, so we sat pretty close to each other. I thought she looked kind of sweet, in spite of--or maybe because of-- the tight bun at the top of her head, complete with a chopstick sticking out the side.

Twenty eight years later and the only fight we've ever had (while in 6th grade) was over a pair of shoes. Dylan's made some dear friends that she still wants to see all the time. She met Aditi when she was five months old, Sophia the day she (Sophia) was born, Emma in Preschool and Ruby in Kindergarten. Maybe she'll be able to carry some of these friendships into her old dottering 40's.

In the meantime we get to navigate the choppy waters of Middle School and hope for a clear landing on the shores of High School.


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