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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reality Travel

The NY Times had an article this morning about traveling Paris through the eyes of a Fashionista. Normally that article wouldn't capture my attention, say like an article about a chef's view of Paris, but since watching the last few seasons of Project Runway, that has changed a bit. As anyone who knows me can attest, on the Fashion Spectrum, I'm pretty challenged. I kind of have Aspergers of Fashion. I'm not so dire that old ladies do interventions on the street, but lets just say once--while in college--I thought it would be a cool experiment to see if anyone noticed if I wore the same outfit in a row for a whole week, and no one did!

Checking out my custom couture jacket at the Shanghai Fabric Market

But one evening, while bored I switched on Project Runway. While I couldn't give a rats ass if monochromatic was in or out this season, and couldn't pick Micheal Kors or Heidi Klum out of a line-up, this little show was fun. I especially loved how creative the designers had to be with some pretty interesting limitations. Bravo also does Top Chef and they have some good production guidelines for some of their shows. (Others, like Shear Genius--a hair stylers challenge--are really as sucky as they sound)

This season doesn't have the entertaining personalities of last. I really enjoyed Chris March and his fab drag outfits and watching Romi's ability to drape damn near anything. And Mr Christian "I'm so Fierce" Siriano was a perfect blend of reality show personality and actual talent rolled into one. Right now we're down to hometown girl Le Ann, obnoxious Kenley, a little too serious Korto and the one I'd want to pack up and take home with me, Jerrell.

Back to travel. So if I went back to Paris, I might pay a bit more attention to some of the fashion icons and scenes then I did before. It's interesting how media can form the ideas of what you will see before you travel. The movie Amelie was fantastic in providing a surreal, pop vision of Paris, complete with a heartening love story. The scenery from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy has prompted many to check out New Zealand. And who hasn't visited New York City without a few million movie images in their head.

Our favorite travel/reality show obsession starts this Sunday. The Amazing Race is off again and we'll be watching the drama and the sites (hopefully a few we've seen--actually it ends in Portland!) go racing by. The Amazing Race won it's 100th Emmy last week, which is a testament to what a pain in the ass it must be to produce that show. I'm still wondering why Phil (the Philemanator) Keogh wasn't co-hosting rather than Heidi Klum. I just have to say, watching William Shatner tear off Klum's clothes at the Emmys was one of the most disturbing things I've seen on TV in a while.


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