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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're Number One!!

While we've laid some pretty serious bucks down for great meals; a five course lunch at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in Claridges Hotel, a chocolate sushi box from Nobu, the most perfect poached egg at Beast and silky smooth mashed potatoes, (the kind you'd sell your mom to the North Koreans in exchange for an endless supply) at Thomas Keller's Bouchon, we'd have to say our most memorable meals came from the street. A small paper bag of rice and spices topped with chicken, sold on the streets of Ubud by a shrunken old lady who would run out of her supplies in moments. Spicy, tangy, pad thai for forty cents at the huge MBK mall in Bangkok and super tasty noodles in Singapore.

These street delicacies always come to mind when I remember some of my best street meals, but nowadays we don't have to go too far for street food that is da bomb. Cause, right here in Portland Oregon CNN has anointed us the town with the best street food in THE WORLD!!

I get it, I really do. While I love catching regional specialties and eating as near to the street as I can, I love me some variety and that's what we get in Portland. Whether it's a hankering for some schnitzel, or a bulgogi taco, or my favorite, rice and chicken wrapped neatly in paper, it's easily found in Portland. In fact this weekend Andy and I had a deep fried chicken pot pie, Belgian fries and steak sandwich for around $15. Keep it up Portland and know if you build food carts the people will come.


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