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Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrity Safari

When in Rome, take pictures of old buildings.
When in Cambodia take pictures of monks and temples.
When in Montana take pictures of mountains and
When in Los Angeles take pictures of celebrities.

After braving treacherous mountain passes, an epic rainstorm and flooded freeways, we finally cruised into Los Angeles last night and landed in Culver City, once the home of MGM studios where Andy's grandpa used to pass his days.

This morning dawned drier and we struck out to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, where we thought we might see J-Lo or Brittany, only to find the one on Sunset next to Mel's closed.

Then it was off to It's a Wrap, a huge Buffalo Exchange kind of store where clothes from movies and tv shows are given a second life in resale. Dylan and Ruby picked up shirts from The Suite Life on Deck, and How Do You Know? We also drove by Mood hoping to see Tim Gunn outside, but it sadly it had closed.

Wandered over to the Grammy Museum, which had a great cost to enjoyment ratio. Finally to end the day, the kids wanted to see Grauman's Chinese theatre where the stars leave footprints.

Andy wanted to look closer at the Egyptian Theatre across the street and not realizing there was a premiere for the movie Super, we thought all the paparazzi was waiting around to see us--not! But really, had no idea who was going to be there, and why, but we settled in since no one told us to leave, and hung out for an hour watching the paparazzi watch for someone picture-worthy.

Managed to see Rainn Wilson, Nathan Fillion, Ellen Page, Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler, and Sarah Silverman. If we were on an African photo safari this would have been the equivalent of capturing a pride of lions surrounded by a few elephants. Very exciting and you can bet Dylan was very satisfied with these outings on our Celebrity Safari day.

Yes, we were this close to Rainn Wilson!

Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapur on The Office

My feet are the same size as John Wayne's. I wear a kids size two!

Liv Tyler and her poppa, Steven.

Ellen Page. Short people are hard to get a picture of!

The cast of Super, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, director James Gunn & Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is giving Dylan the stink eye.


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